Sable Island is one of those places that you can’t forget once you have learned about it. It captures people’s imaginations. It’s an international treasure that few people have the chance to visit because of its protected status. Those who have set foot on the fine white sand find themselves subtly changed forever. We hope that this website will give you the sense of having experienced some of the historical, environmental and scientific significance of this unique place.

The Friends of Sable Island Society is a non-profit organization whose mission is to be an advocate for the island by championing the Sable Island National Park Reserve and facilitating its success through the implementation of education, interpretation and preservation programs. Our focus is to attract individuals, and form partnerships with compatible organizations, to promote and protect Sable Island.

We collect stories – historical, artistic and scientific. We fund raise to support research, conservation and education projects. You can contribute toward the preservation of Sable Island in any number of ways – by learning more about Sable Island, sharing what you know with us and others, becoming a member, volunteering with us and or participating in any of our fundraising events.

Have a look around – become a Sable Island friend!