Sable Island Conference 2017

Confirmed Presenters

Friday October 20:

  • Welcome Address: Labi Kousoulis, MLA for Halifax Citadel-Sable Island
  • Alannah Phillips: “Sable Island National Park Reserve – Park Management Update” (SI2017-06)
  • Imhotep’s Legacy Academy’s Legos ‘R US: “The Sable Island Animal Deterrent System” (SI2017-21)
  • Scott Macmillan: “Currents of Sable Island” (SI2017-22)
  • Keynote Speaker: Karen Prentice, Q.C., ICD.D: “There is a Rapture on the Lonely Shore”

Saturday October 21:

Visitor Experience

Natural Wonders

  • Donald L. Forbes: ‘Sable Island is a vestige of its former self: how did it form and what preserves it?’ (SI2017-18)
  • Laura Feyrer: “Mysterious Denizens of the Deep: The Northern Bottlenose Whales of the Sable Gully” (SI2017-04)
  • Sydney Bliss: “Ipswich Sparrow Migration Study” (SI2017-19)
  • Philip D. McLoughlin: “Population ecology of the Sable Island horses” (SI2017-03)

Cultural History

  • “The Made in Nova Scotia Process” (SI2017-23)
  • Charles A. Burke: “Documenting Evidence of Sable Island’s Occupation: Continuing the Archaeological Survey on Canada’s 43rd National Park” (SI2017-01)
  • William Barton: “Seeking Sable’s Lost Wrecks: Following a Digital Paper Trail” (SI2017-12)
  • Susan Demmons: “A Sable Island Son: Captain James Augustus Farquhar” (SI2017-15)
  • Terry Hennigar: “The Hennigar Family Experience on Sable Island during the 1970s” (SI2017-09)

Park Management

  • Glen Bagnell: ‘Nova Scotia’s Role on Sable Island in the 1970s’ (SI2017-16)
  • Tim Webster: ‘Mapping seamless elevation from the land into the water & deriving bottom type maps using topo-bathymetric lidar’ (SI2017-17)
  • Stuart Pinks and Carl Makrides: “Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Near Sable Island” (SI2017-14)
  • Ariel Smith: “Atlantic Canada Microplastics Research Project” (SI2017-10)
  • Dan Kehler: “Sable Island National Park Reserve – The Ecological Integrity Monitoring Program and an update on the State of the Park Report”(SI2017-05)

Conference Close

  • Closing Address: Andy Fillmore, MP for Halifax (Sable Island)

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