Alan Ruffman, Director at Large – Geoscience

Alan Ruffman, P. Geo., is President and Director of Geomarine Associates Limited, a Halifax-based geoscience consulting firm, and is an Honorary Research Associate at Dalhousie University’s Department of Earth Sciences in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As a marine geologist and geophysicist, Mr. Ruffman’s interest in Sable Island was kindled on his first oceanographic cruise when he helped land supplies on the island for a temporary DECCA navigation station. Later, he spend considerable time doing bottom geophysical surveys for well sites and pipelines on Sable Island Bank and in the Upper Gully and has studied extensively the storm-driven, shore-attached ridges on the sea floor just offshore of Sable Island. He has also studied its bars which constantly feed sand onto Sable enabling the island and its dunes to grow higher over time which have, so far, maintained Sable Island in the face of rising sea levels. Mr. Ruffman was elected to the board of directors at the Annual General Meeting in June of 2005 and is an active and passionate supporter of the preservation and conservation of Sable Island and the surrounding marine environment.